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Expert Group Meeting

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EGM to follow up on the World Programme of Action for Youth to the Year 2000 and beyond in the ESCWA region

EGM to discuss the zero draft of the publication "Addressing Barriers Hindering Women Economic Participation in the ESCWA Region"

EGM Policies for Peace Building and Conflict Prevention in Western Asia

Countries suffering from conflict or political tension are very much dependent on successful peacebuilding interventions that would be geared towards preventing a relapse into conflict and...

EGM on Transport Facilitation for Regional Integration

EGM on transport and trade logistics in collaboration with the Tunisian Ministry of Transport

EGM on the Role of Capital Markets in the Economic Development of the ESCWA Member Countries

EGM on the Production of Statistics on Natural Resources and Environment

EGM on the External Review of the “Annual Review of Developments in Globalization and regional Integration in he Arab Countries, 2006

EGM on the External Review of the Annual Review of Developments in Globalization and Regional Integration in the Countries of the ESCWA Region

EGM on the "Development of a Vulnerability Assessment for the Arab Region to Assess Climate Change Impacts on the Water Resources Sector"


Climate change impacts are being felt in many sectors in the Arab region. The Arab...
EGM on Sustainable Development Indicators of Priority in the different Sectors with the League of Arab States and UNEP

EGM on Strategies and Media campaigns to promote the empowerment of women in the ESCWA region

EGM on Space and Satellite Technologies for Development

EGM on Prospects of Space and Satellite Technology Development in the Arab Region

EGM on National Trade Policies and Regional Integration - MEETING POSTPONED

EGM on Governance Trends and Measurement

EGM on Global Harmonizaton of Arabic Script Use in Domain Names

The year 2003 marked a global milestone towards...
EGM on Fostering Sustainable Development through Regional Integration in the Arab Region: A Strategic Vision 2010 - 2020

EGM on Follow-up on the Results of the WTO 6th ‎Ministerial Conference (RB)‎

EGM on External Peer Review for the Survey of Economic and Social Developments in the ESCWA Region 2011-2012