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Digital Arabic Content Start-ups

In the past years, the Arab region witnessed a major development in the use of the Internet and smart phones. These technologies certainly play an important role in the dissemination and access of digital content and are beneficial to society because of the wide accessibility of such content.
Studies and research show that digital content has a positive impact on many vital areas such as education, culture, health and business. It also contributes to creating new jobs, especially for technology-savvy young people. For several years, ESCWA has been promoting the development of Digital Arabic Content (DAC) because of its important role in preserving Arabic culture and language and its contribution to the development of Arab society. In addition, ESCWA has undertaken several activities in support of DAC, including the preparation of dedicated studies, the organization of experts group meetings and workshops, and the implementation of projects to support the creation of DAC start-ups.
Despite the availability of technology, DAC start-ups are still facing a number of challenges, including: weak infrastructure in some Arab countries, poor regulatory framework for start-ups, and difficulty accessing talent.
The table below contains a list of some of the DAC start-ups from different Arab countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. They are effective in different sectors such as fashion, health, education and services. ESCWA will continuously update this table.

List of some Start-ups with Digital Arabic Content

Algeria Synoos Studio Synoos offers Arabic educational and entertainment programs for children on smartphones, tablets, mobile devices and social networks.
Egypt Kotobna Kotobna offers a self-publishing platform for aspiring writers. It also offers readers access to a wide selection of e-books.
Egypt BadlKitabk BadlKitabak is a social network that allows users to swap their old books with new ones through a network of friends.
Jordan Play 3arabi Play 3arabi is a game publisher offering popular mobile games that are localized and culturized in Arabic.
Jordan Masmoo3 Masmoo3 produces and publishes Arabic audiobooks. They offer a digital library of Arabic audiobooks online and on mobile devices.
Jordan Votek Votek is a software company that specialized in developing Arabic Speech Recognition software.
Kuwait Sanad Sanad is an app for that enables users to find names of handymen in Kuwait.
Lebanon Anghami Anghami offers unlimited Arabic and International music streaming and downloads via web & mobile apps.
Lebanon Charbaka Charbaka is an arabic word game app.
Libya iStudy iStudy is an app for parents to monitor their children school activities
Morocco Kezakoo Kezakoo is a website offering free Arabic and French educational content to students.
Oman Hemity Hemity is an Arabic interactive website for young adults, ages 14 -17, to learn about business skills.
Palestine KeefLabs KeefLabs is a "How To" Arabic website providing answers to questions in different fields.
Qatar Meddy Meddy is an online platform to assist people in finding doctors in their local area.
Saudi Arabia Abi Sayara Abi Sayara offers online car listings is Saudi Arabia. Available in Arabic and English.
Saudi Arabia B8ak B8ak is a smartphone app-based home maintenance service provider.
Sudan Jabanalab Jabanalab is a web design and development blog in Arabic.
Sudan Free classified ads online in Arabic.
Syria Basmaty Basmaty is an Arabic cooking website.
Syria Sfkat Sfkat provides an Arabic online marketplace.
United Arab Emirates Makooky Makooky is an interactive, educational Arabic app for children.
United Arab Emirates Eve Arabia Eve Arabia is an Arabic social news website covering issues concerning women.
Yemen Islam Tag Islam Tag provides social network, with an online library, music library, articles and a blogging platform.