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RICCAR Webinar Series on Climate Change Analysis using GIS Tools

Online Training

ESCWA is organizing a virtual workshop series targeting government officials and researchers in the Arab region who are working in the area of climate change impact assessment and analysis using geospatial information system (GIS) tools, particularly in the water and agricultural sectors. This Webinar Series is based on the methodology and findings from the Regional Initiative for the Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources and Socio-Economic Vulnerability in the Arab Region (RICCAR), which has helped advance regional understanding and collective action on climate change by developing region-specific knowledge products, methodologies and analysis on climate change impacts and vulnerability in the Arab region. To access the full RICCAR publication series, kindly visit
Webinars will be conducted in the English language as live weekly sessions every Wednesday starting on the 1st of July, at 15:00 – 16:00 Beirut summertime (GMT+3). Registration for one or more webinar is available prior to each session at:
The training materials, slide presentations and an Arabic language translation of the PowerPoints will be made available to all registered participants prior to the delivery of each live webinar session.  Recorded webinars, along with the associated documentation will be made available on this page following the delivery of each module.
Kindly refer to the Webinar Series Flyer for more information on registration, pre-requirements and contents.

Webinar Series Flyer 

Module 1: RICCAR regional climate modelling and hydrological modelling datasets: An introduction
(1 July 2020)
This module provides an introduction to RICCAR and describes basic concepts to understand climate-related scenarios and datasets for regional climate modeling and hydrological modeling projections.
RICCAR Webinar Series-Module1-English Handout

RICCAR Webinar Series-Module1-Arabic Handout

Module 2: Viewing NetCDF regional climate modeling datasets in GIS 
(8 July 2020)
This module introduces NetCDF climate modelling datasets and explains how to use them in a GIS platform.
RICCAR Webinar Series-Module2-English Handout

RICCAR Webinar Series-Module2-Arabic Handout

Dataset for exercise 1


Module 3: Extracting tabular data from NetCDF climate files for use in other models and applications 
(15 July 2020)

This module presents guidance on how to extract time series or daily climate datasets from NetCDF files for use in different models and applications.

RICCAR Webinar Series-Module3-English Handout

RICCAR Webinar Series-Module3-Arabic Handout

Dataset for exercise 2

 Module 4: Creating a regional climate model ensemble using GIS and extreme events indices
(22 July 2020)
This module explains the benefits of ensemble analysis and describes the steps to produce a regional climate model (RCM) ensemble in GIS. It also focuses on RICCAR extreme events indices and applications.
RICCAR Webinar Series-Module4-English Handout

RICCAR Webinar Series-Module4-Arabic Handout

Dataset for exercise 3


Module 5:Accessing global and regional climate datasets and platforms
(29 July 2020)

This module introduces CORDEX and provides guidance on how to access datasets from the ESGF platform and the RICCAR Data Portal.

RICCAR Webinar Series-Module5-English Handout

RICCAR Webinar Series-Module5-Arabic Handout

Module 6: RICCAR integrated vulnerability assessment methodology
(Postponed to 12 August 2020)

This module outlines the usefulness of geospatial vulnerability assessments at different scales and presents the RICCAR integrated vulnerability assessment methodology with associated integrated mapping tools.

RICCAR Webinar Series-Module6-English Handout

RICCAR Webinar Series-Module6-Arabic Handout