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Expert Group Meeting on Groundwater Abstraction Guidelines


ESCWA is organizing an Expert Group Meeting to review draft groundwater abstraction guidelines that have been prepared by based on an extensive review of available experiences and regulations in the Arab region in managing the abstraction of groundwater. The meeting will be conducted online on Thursday 4 March 2021.

The meeting will gather senior officials from government institutions and technical experts responsible for groundwater resources management in the Arab region. Experts from the United Nations organizations will support the meeting as well as resource persons from expert institutions. The meeting will allow professionals to also exchange experiences and best practices to support peer-to-peer learning and improve capacity in managing and controlling abstraction of groundwater for various uses through regulations, enforcement and innovative technologies, where participants will also discuss a proposed set of indicators to assist in evaluating current national and local regulatory and enforcement mechanisms that aim at improving the management of groundwater from the abstraction control and monitoring aspects.