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The Impact of Economic Variables on the Social Dimension of Development: Education and Health


Investment in human capital is crucial for poverty reduction and has a positive impact on economic growth and human development. This study analyses the impact of public policy on human...

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Review of Productivity and Sustainable Development in the ESCWA Region, First Issue. Green Economy in the Context of Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication: Principles, Opportunities and Challenges in the Arab Region


The Arab region continues to face many challenges in its endeavour to embrace the principles of sustainable development. The rapid increase in population, acute water scarcity, food security,...

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Arab Sustainable Development Report 2020 cover Arab Sustainable Development Report 2020


Achieving sustainable development in the Arab region faces structural barriers that are often shared among the 22 Arab countries, despite variations in income level, natural resources, and...

Integrated Social Policy: Visions and Strategies in Arab Countries, Report III


Most countries in the ESCWA region see social policy as a basic element in achieving balanced human and economic development. However, those countries are facing diverse challenges, are endowed...

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Report of the Peer Review Meeting on Social Policy Report No. 2 - Proposed Outline Integrated Social Policies Project


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Information and Communication Technologies for Employment Creation and Poverty Alleviation in Selected ESCWA Member Countries


Given the continuous political and social instability in the ESCWA region and the inadequate socio-economic development policies that have been implemented, Western Asia is in danger of becoming...

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