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Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

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Inter-Regional Report on Labour Migration and Social Protection

E/ESCWA/SDD/2013/Technical paper.2

  This report provides an overview of the human rights issues associated with international migration from the ESCAP to the ESCWA region. It also looks at the abuse of migrant rights in the...

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Report on the Electronic Fora as part of the Portal “Towards an Inclusive Participatory Development in the ESCWA region”

E/ESCWA/SDD/2010/Technical Paper.10

The ESCWA launched a portal called “Towards an inclusive Participatory Development in the ESCWA region”, to promote the participation of civil society and the exchange of ideas and experiences and...

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Youth Development in the ESCWA Region: Statistical Profiles, National Strategies and Success Stories


During 2010-2011, the ESCWA has focused its work on emphasizing to member countries the importance of planning national policies for youth under the framework of the World Programme of Action for...

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Critical Review of Successful Experiences in Integrated Social Policy


  This document consists of two parts. The first part includes the experiences and particularities of certain states, with the aim to identify factors conducive to achieving social welfare. The...

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The Demographic Profile of Arab Countries: Ageing of Rural Populations


  This document highlights the course of fertility and mortality transition, and examines in rural and urban populations in the 22 countries of the Arab region for the period 1980 – 2050....

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